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DIY Bare Bones Arduino – Maker Guide Episode 8

Learn how to make a bare bones arduino that runs on a breadboard. It’s really easy to do and will save you money by not having to buy a new Arduino for each project you build.

Atmega328 Pinout:

Parts List:

Arduino Uno:


2x 22pf Capacitors:

16mhz Crystal:



28-Pin ZIF socket:

.1” female header:

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DIY Relay Outlet Arduino – Maker Guide Episode 6 & 7



This video shows you how to build a solid state relay outlet to control a variety of high power devices.

If you are not comfortable working with mains electricity do not attempt this build. I take no responsibility for any damage done to you or your home.

Parts List:

Solid State Relay –

Outlet – Lowes/Home Depot
Outlet Box – Lowes/Home Depot
Outlet Box Cover – Lowes/Home Depot
Romex Connector – Lowes/Home Depot
an Old Computer Power Cord – or 12 gauge replacement appliance cord for high power applications
Two #8-32 half inch machine screws, nuts, and washers – Lowes/Home Depot

Arduino Uno –

Some 22 gauge wire
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DIY PVC Light Stand – Maker Guide Episode 3

Build a DIY Light Stand out of PVC

Parts List:
1x Clamp light
3x ¾ inch PVC Tees
3x ¾ inch 45 degree PVC elbows
1x ¾ inch 90 degree PVC elbow
1x 1 inch tee
1x 1 inch to ¾ inch bushing

1x 10 foot ¾ inch PVC pipe
– cut into –
2x 2 inch pieces
1x 3 inch piece
4x 5 inch pieces
1x 9 ¾ inch piece
1x 15 ½ inch piece
1x 5 foot piece

105 Watt CFL Bulb

Socket Extender
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